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Mr. Lucky

This is an odd one. Grant plays a kind of mobster light — he only does gambling and doesn’t kill people, but he talks like he’s James Cagney, see, and it’s all very weird.

But the main point of this movie is that the US should support Europe against the Nazis. Which is a good point to make.

I’m not sure I knew who Laraine Day was, but she’s really good in this movie.

“Who me?!”


Yes, the most fun gag in this movie is Cary Grant learning how to knit.

But then his henchman picks it up, too, and he’s much better at it.

Yeah, I’m not sure about that hat, either.

There’s also this entire thing about him not tying his tie properly… that’s not a Windsor, see?


It’s just a very odd movie. I’m not sure it really works? It’s not screwy enough to be a screwball comedy, and it’s not touching enough to be a weepie… But still, it’s pretty entertaining.

Mr Lucky. H.C. Potter. 1943.

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