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L’Anglaise et le Duc

This started off with a voiceover over a bunch of paintings…

… but then the people in the foreground started moving! That’s a lot of greenscreen.

This is from 2001 — I didn’t really know that Rohmer was still directing then, but looking at his imdb, I’ve seen one later movie: Triple Agent.

This is so weird — a horse and carriage on greenscreen over a painting. Was this done for TV?

It’s la revolution.

This is pretty confusing — for me, because I’m an uncultured cochon. So this is like happening at the start of the French revolution, but they’re dropping all these references that I don’t quite get. But that (I’m guessing) any French three year old would understand.

Still, it’s pretty interesting… Not quite gripping, but plenty interesting.

I almost understand that… two months of Duolingo works!

Perhaps not all revolutionaries are as honourable!

I like this movie — but I’m not sure it needed to be this long? That is, there’s really not any scenes that are superfluous or seem gratuitous, but I found my interest flagging a bit… Like, is there sufficient interest in this story for a movie of more than two hours?

It’s good, but it’s not great.

L’Anglaise et le Duc. Éric Rohmer. 2001.

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