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Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom

Hey, he’s back!

OK, finally we’re off the island(s) — it only took them four movies. Going-to-an-island-with-dinosaurs-and-then-things-happen isn’t an intrinsically exciting plot.

So I’m guessing this time they’re gonna go on rampage in Manhattan or something?

And… perhaps it’s going to be because a group of environmentalists wants to rescue the dinos? Or possibly the evil capitalists. Or both?


Noo! They’re back on the island!

This movie does look pretty good, though. Puts Marvel CGI to shame.

OK, now I changed my mind — the CGI isn’t all that convincing. The dinos seem too stiff, but when they fight each other, it’s light they’re made of lightweight rubber — they bounce around in a not very thrilling way.

And why do they go for this pose All The Time?

Nice. Especially since he was trying to reboot the system.


I guess this movie is better than the fourth film. But it’s still not very exciting.

Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom. J.A. Bayona. 2018.

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