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A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors

Now that’s a classy title screen.

Oh really?

That’s more like it!

Oh yeah, this is the Elm Street movie that really establishes the “mythos” — the first movie was just a smart movie about nightmares and stuff, and the second movie was… nothing… but then this movie takes a hard look at the first movie and creates this whole… thing… using that as a basis.

If I remember correctly.

Hey! She’s back!

It’s Cowboy Curtis!

It’s really 80s — I like that.


This movie, like, distills what made the first movie work: If you fall asleep, you’re in a really scary world where you’re powerless, and that really resonates.

But then this movie is about banding together and vanquishing the evil, which is a really smart move, too — for a final movie in a series, but then again, this isn’t.

Is that the talk show guy…? I guess not.

The scares are pretty inventive. They don’t really seem like actual nightmares, though.

Oh yeah, in this movie Krueger is the result of a gruesome rape. I think they backed off from that in later movies? It’s perhaps not the best origin story for a gruesome villain?

It’s not very scary, but it’s kinda inventive? And while there are large portions of this movie that drag, there’s some parts that are pretty entertaining.

A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors. Chuck Russell. 1987.

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