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Hey — it’s that guy from that TV series… er… Firefly?

This is a very… “Hey look at them Southern yokels” movie.

Which is always nice.

As comedy horror movies go, this is on the grisly side? I mean, many comedy horror movies go for gore, but some of the stuff here is just yuck.

Oh, this kinda bombed… Gunn did a bunch of TV stuff after this, and then made Super four years later. (Before going on to do Guardians of the Galaxy and taking over the world.)

I guess I’m surprised that this had such a big budget? It’s not that this looks bad, but it looks… small.


Any similarity to sperm is purely coincidental.

OK, this basically devolves into a zombie movie? (With a group consciousness thing, which is a twist, I guess.)

It’s a pretty good horror movie, but I grew a bit impatient during the middle parts. It needed more of something? Perhaps good jokes?

Slither. James Gunn. 2006.

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