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Taipei Story

Nice deck!

Anyway, I’ve seen several (two? three?) of Yang’s movies the last year, and I’m rather unimpressed. But this one seems less bad. So far.

I don’t really know what this movie is going to be about yet, and I like that. It’s got a somewhat Rohmeresque thing going on…

It’s the album all the DJs are playing — the D. J. Dance Music album.

Anyway, Yang is a respected director (or rather, he was), but I just don’t quite get it. He was extremely influenced by various European arthouse directors, but to my eye, his movies seem like failed pastiches, really. They’re more about making a movie than having something to make a movie about.

I.e., the opposite of, say, Bergman.

So I wonder where the Yang cult is coming from — there’s so many interesting directors, and Yang’s movies are just so… just… there.

That’s the harshest review of this movie on Rotten Tomatoes.

Not Duran Duran Duran?

Dance party!

This is definitely the best of the Yang movies I’ve seen. It’s still not… all that great.

Taipei Story. Edward Yang. 1985.

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