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Hudutların Kanunu

Yeah, I can see what they mean… difficult restoration. But you’d think they could do something better with AI restoration now (although with an increased likelihood that random faces are replaced with Nick Cage).

Aaah! Now those pants make sense.

Odd hairdo… is that a little wig on the back of her head there?

I have to admit that I’m not quite sure what’s going on here. There’s possibly a dozen different characters, but I’m not quite sure? And there’s a lot of shouting and drama, but I have no idea what it’s all about…?

It’s something to do with herding some sheep across a mountain…?

Very small tables?


The casting director goes for a certain type, I guess.

But I think I’m starting to understand what it’s all about… Smugglers who are being encouraged to take up farming and stuff.

This movie is well-made on a shot to shot basis — we get one striking shot after another. It’s just hard to try to keep paying attention — the characters are so under developed, and things seem to happen with little motivation.

So we get occasional speeches that attempt to drive the plot home, but that doesn’t really work, does it?

OK, that’s a solid joke.

A lotta smokin’ going on.

Yes, that is almost the perfect posture for cutting barbed wire. Get in closer! Closer!

The final scene is amazing. And it’s kind of impressive? But it’s not actually a good movie, so:

Law of the Border. Lütfi Akad. 1966.

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