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Thank you Martin.

Oh, this is a silent movie from Brazil from 1931?

*fetches popcorn*

I dunno… for a movie from 1931, it seems quite ahead of its time. It’s like some guy with a movie camera trying out a lot of interesting things? And he’s got an eye, so everything looks cool.

But I’m not actually riveted by this.

Now things are getting meta — we’re watching a Chaplin film within this film.

I have to admit I zoned out there for a while, so I don’t actually know what’s going on now…

Why are there three people in the boat? Weren’t there just two people escaping from the jail?

Yes… waxy…

Oh, perhaps there were three people in the boat all along…


This movie is definitely an interesting historical artefact. The imagery is so striking, and it’s a technical achievement for sure. Peixoto must have been super talented to be able to make something like this.

But I’m just gonna throw the die based on how much I enjoyed watching it now, so:

Limite. Mario Peixoto. 1931.

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