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Starlit Days at the Lido

This is a long short included on the Roberta DVD.

imdb explains:

Basically this is a commercial for Hollywood’s Lido Lounge and for MGM contract players. The Lido is a large watering hole; we visit one afternoon with an orchestra playing, all sorts of stars and would-be stars sitting at tables near the pool alongside paying customers, and bathing beauties parading and diving.

It’s weird that they’d spend Technicolor on something like this — in 1935. But perhaps it’s as much an ad for Technicolor as it for the Lido.

So we get brief clips of famous people sitting around… like Clark Gable (and that’s his wife).

There’s also musical/comedy bits, of course.

So how do you rate something like this? I mean, it a 20 minute ad. But it’s pleasant to watch, and there are some amusing bits? So… er…

Starlit Days at the Lido. Alexander Van Dorn. 1935.

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