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The Cold Light of Day

Great shot.

Oh! Bruce Willis! Is this one of those fake movies that are being churned out by the dozens?

No, it’s too old for that, and it’s got a $20M budget. I’m guessing most of that went to Willis (who is killed off after 15 minutes OOPS SPOILERS).

It’s one of those weird movies: It feels totally predictable, and still totally chaotic.

Oh, Superman.

OK, this is where the money went: It’s a pretty good car chase scene at the end of the movie there. It’s both goofy and familiar: They do the driving-down-stairs scene, but the cars bounce around in an amusing way instead of being all manly and stuff.

This is a really, really bad movie, but it looks pretty good, and Sigourney Weaver looks like she had a good time playing a kick-ass evil CIA agent.

This has a 4% tomatometer rating.

The Cold Light of Day. Mabrouk El Mechri. 2012.

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