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Hey… it’s that guy and Fred Astaire.

(I watched this on the plane and is typing this later.)

Heh heh.

This is very very funny.

Scott does a perfect charming country bumpkin thing here.

Irene Dunn!

The plot is the silliest thing ever — it’s perfect!

The first half of this movie is perfect. Then it sours seriously — the Scott character gets all huffy about women’s revealing clothing, and it makes no sense other than to give him a chance to “man up” against all these strong women. It’s just no fun.

But like I said, the first half of the movie is so silly and wonderful that it’s like watching one of the screwball classics. So I choose to repress the memory of the Scott Mannification and give it:

Roberta. William A. Seiter. 1935.

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