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Nice duds for partying.

There’s a certain amateurishness to everything here… as if this was made by kids who were telling TV camera people what to do? I.e., lots of zooming, and odd framing, and overly theatrical performances…

Ah, it’s a pro-Korea propaganda movie? I’m guessing ex-Korean people weren’t treated well in Russia… (I mean, Soviet Union.)

Oh, it’s a series of (quite short) … stories? The first one was barely a scene.

Oh, these aren’t stories at all… It’s just one story that’s broken into chapters.

Unfortunately, it’s pretty dull stuff. I mean, the concept doesn’t sound that bad: A teacher kills a girl, and their parent vow revenge. But the parents are old, so the father has to take a new concubine to get a son who can carry out the revenge.

I mean, that’s practically John Wick, isn’t it?

It’s just not done very well. I think I see what the director is going for, but it turns into a kind of … parody of art movies instead.

It’s not impossible that I would have enjoyed this more if I paid more attention, but I sorta lost interest pretty quickly and my mind stated wandering.

So now I’m not quite sure what’s happening.

I’m totally open to the possibility that this is a masterpiece, but I just found it pretty dull.

Месть. Yermek Shinarbayev. 1990.

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