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I have a tendency to buy box sets of movies and then never watch them. Because if I start watching one, I’m like obligated to watch the entire box set? It’s like to much commitment? I know it makes no sense but there you are.

So now I’ve started on the Martin Scorsese’s World Cinema Project No. 2 box set because I’m no longer afraid of commitment.

Mort aux vaches!

One for the money…

So this is a Philippine film from the 70s. I admire Scorsese’s project — restoring films from around the world to make them available to a wider audience now — but I’m not quite sure what makes this movie in particular er interesting.

It’s very noisy. That is, people are shouting at each other all the time, and whenever that dies down, you get a soundtrack filling up the space.

True! But they’re all like that…

I think the moral of this movie is: Men suck.

That would be my expression too!

There’s good points… The cinematography is very attractive, and the performances are pretty good… And it’s not that the story is uninteresting, exactly? But it does feel like I’ve seen this movie many times before. Not in the particulars, but the general… gist of it all.

Is that a Rembrandt!?

OK, that was original.

OK, I didn’t really enjoy this much, but the ending is kinda great. So:

Insiang. Lino Brocka. 1976.

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