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John Wick Chapter 4

It’s Cowboy Curtis!

And Bill! Or Ted! I forget!

Nice desert.

It’s Bergerac! I mean Lovejoy!

Nice fridging! I bet that’s gonna make Lovejoy all vengeful and stuff.

Reviewers are always saying how realistic the fight scenes are, and they totally aren’t. But they’re fun to watch — a lot more fun than, say, Marvel fight scenes are. They’re very theatrical and dance like.

And extremely silly. Did I mention silly?

But then again, the entire premise is too, so it all adds up.

As with the previous movies, this looks really good. Nice saturated colours and dramatic scenery.

They ramp up the stupid even more in this movie — which I don’t mind. I do mind that they take a half hour time out to do some character building (i.e., talk about fambly (it’s all about fambly, after all)). It’s really tedious.

But even that looks good.

Have they used more CGI in this than in previous movies? Some things, like the Arc de triomphe looks really… fake. The cars don’t really move like cars do.

In general, it looks more like a traditional action movie (and by traditional, I mean “from 2015”), where they don’t bother to go on sets but just greenscreens everything, even stuff that would be easier to just shoot on location. To take a shot at random, the above one — it looks a bit unreal. And there’s been way more of those “uhm…?” sets in this one than the earlier movies.

Well, it’s better than the third movie, but there’s a lot of dead air in the middle of this one. The plot is the silliest of all the John Wick movies, and that says a lot, but that’s fine.

John Wick Chapter 4. Chad Stahelski. 2023.

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