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You Are My Sunshine

Yes, that is totally how a spice rack is mounted in an actual, real house.

OK, so this is a no-budget kind of movie, I guess? But it’s pretty odd even for one of those — the video is kinda choppy… is there an FPS mixup somewhere? It feels like it’s a 12 FPS film.

Yes, that is exactly how you paint.

So… this is set in like 2001, but there’s flashbacks to… the 70s?

I really started wondering whether this was an older movie (i.e., more than a decade old) because it looks rather like early digital — kinda crappy.

Some of the actors here aren’t that bad, but… it’s a pretty bad movie.

Perhaps the worst thing about this film is the über-schmaltzy music running in basically every scene. It’s pretty hard to take.

Such shock.

Oh my god. I’m only halfway through?

That’s such a real 70s living room. The whole family just relaxing.

It’s debatin’ time!

There’s barely a movie here at all, and they spend two hours getting there. I mean, the people making this probably had fun? But…

It’s bad.

You Are My Sunshine. David Hastings. 2021.

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