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Werewolves Within

This isn’t day for night — it’s colour grading for day?

Is that CGI?

Heh heh. OK, this is a comedy? I have no idea what led me to buying this movie, but I did? Apparently? Did somebody recommend it?

It’s quite amusing so far.

I really should note why I’m buying stuff, because this seems pretty random.

This is obvs a low budget movie, but it looks really good.

Except for the CGI snow which they overdo in some of the scenes.

I’m really enjoying this — they’ve got great repartee going, likeable characters and entertaining actors.

Hey! That’s Cheyenne Jackson, isn’t it?

It’s a kind of chamber piece — there’s less than a dozen actors in total, I think, and they’re trapped in a tiny village. And all the characters are real characters.

Well… it’s really slowing down now. Did they run out of money to do outdoors shots and just had to plough through 30 script pages with these people sitting in one room?

OK, that was just some down time — the movie picks up again.

This is one of the best low budget comedy/horror movies I’ve seen in years. It’s really charming — the funny bits are really funny, and there’s some scary bits that are scary. It’s just really well made. *slow clap*

However, it was just a bit flabby in the middle there. Perhaps because they didn’t even have enough money to shoot something fun? So instead we got a section in the hotel there that didn’t seem to go anywhere interesting — and a lot of “eh?”, like the fate of that science woman (who had some of the funniest scenes before that).

Perhaps it’s a movie really, but I’m rating on a low budget scale, so:

Werewolves Within. Josh Ruben. 2021.

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