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The Good House

Oh, that’s why it’s called “the good house”… I’m so smart S M R T.

I’m not quite sure how I ended up with this movie — it’s probably just because it’s got Sigourney Weaver? It seems like a very undramatic drama — the kind of movie you don’t see much these days (except from streaming services). But this is apparently a real made-for-cinema movies, in 1.85:1 and all.

Oh, this is one of those movies where a character looks at the camera and talks to the audience… but it’s not a comedy! I think! Weaver is playing an alcoholic real estate agent?

Yes, lots of these shots.

What’s with the colour grading? Everything is really desaturated and dull… perhaps things are gonna pop once she gets all non-drinkey and stuff.

It looks so nice and warm on that beach…


I’m quite enjoying this movie — it’s so down to earth… and I’m not able at all to guess the critical reception. I could see this both being totally panned (because it’s so old fashioned and sincere), and also being praised (because it’s Sigourney Weaver like duh).

Oh, people like it.

I mean, I know that this isn’t Mexico, but c’mon.

That’s more like it.

This isn’t my kind of movie at all, really, but it’s a very enjoyable movie to watch. It shouldn’t work, but it’s sensitively directed and has amazing actors. And there’s nothing annoying — no overbearing soundtrack or nothing.

I’m adding one to what I was originally going to give this because it plays Down to Zero by Joan Armatrading over the end titles.

The Good House. Maya Forbes/Wallace Wolodarsky. 2021.

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