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John Wick: Chapter 3

Hm… are they using CGI in this chapter? They’ve doubled the budget again, so perhaps sending a helicopter up to shoot some footage was just too cheap now…

And the cinematography has changed quite a bit again.

Hey! How come he has a new shirt since the previous movie!? No blood stains on the collar!

This movie does not look as good as the second movie. Everything is just kinda washed out? It’s the same cinematographer, though.

The first movie had quite a bit of plot, and the second had, too — but this one is just, like, an extended action sequence? They could have added two hours to the second movie and that would have been these scenes.

But they’re good action scenes and all, so I’m not complaining. It’s just kinda odd is all.

OK, now we’re getting plot.

The more they develop the crime syndicate thing (modelled after the Vatican?) the sillier it gets.

All these movies have cute puppies.


This movie ups the humour in the action scenes, which is nice. But the scenes in between the action scenes just isn’t that compelling — several of them just kinda drag, and that hasn’t been the case in the first two films, really.

And things just don’t look as real as in the second film. I mean — this probably is a real shot? But it doesn’t look like it is, and it’s the same with a lot of the shots…

So from now on every shot of Keanu’s hand is going to be a special effects shot?

It’s weird that a huge increase in budget would lead to them using more CGI… I mean, it looks good, but…

It’s getting really video gamey now — the bad guys have levelled up and have magic armour that means that you have to shoot everybody a lot to make a difference.

OK, now they’re getting more effective guns, too.

And then we end with a … knife fight? That seems to go on forever? That’s anticlimactic.

Oh, OK, it’s not the end yet. Still 20 minutes to go?


This isn’t as good as the second movie. The second movie just looked really good, and didn’t have any boring bits. This feels like it’s treading water at times — it’s bit flabby. Not hugely, though. If they’d dropped, like, 15 minutes of the scenes where people are standing around talking about Rules and The Table, then it would have been a whole lot less boring.

John Wick 3: This Time It’s Personal. Chad Stahelski. 2019.

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