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King Crimson: The Noise: Live at Fréjus

Yes, indeed — this is a live King Crimson thing from 1982. And I feel like I may have seen it before? The eight minute long version of Waiting Man seems familiar.

But what the hey — I can watch it again while cleaning the balcony.

Bill Bruford really wants to be at the front of the stage for this movie. But that’s a nice instrument.

And then we get a fifteen minute version of Sheltering Sky? Man, the people in Frejus are patient.

Yes! This is exactly what the people in Frejus needed right now! A five minute drum solo!

Obvs, if you’re not a fan of King Crimson (or King Crimson from this area; most people aren’t), this is gonna be the most boring thing ever. But for me, this is almost an ideal concert movie: No chatter, no audience shots, no interviews with people saying how great King Crimson is.

It’s just fantastic music filmed sympathetically.

But I’m deducting because of the rather crappy VHS-like video quality. (The audio quality is great.)

John Carr is the editor, and no director is listed in the credits, so I’m crediting this to him. Hah!

King Crimson: The Noise. John Carr. 1982.

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