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The Ghost Sonata

This is a movie so obscure that nobody’s even bothered to make an IMDB entry for it? It looks pretty elaborate, and discogs has the data. So it was released on a VHS? And it’s the music of Tuxedomoon, of course.

I got this from a Tuxedomoon extras DVD.

I’ve got a gazillion Tuxedomoon albums (I’ve got 43 of the 9 albums they released), but I don’t think the soundtrack to this movie has ever been released in this form? Most of the songs have, but there’s different mixes/versions and atmospherics…

I guess it’s kinda like a long-form music video — it doesn’t seem to be narrative, and it seems tied to each song.

How much you’re going to enjoy this movie depends on how much you like Tuxedomoon’s music and how drunk you are. I’m scoring 11 on both, so I’m giving this:

The Ghost Sonata. Bruce Geduldig / Winston Tong. 1982.

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