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Soundies Festival

This is from a DVD box set of public domain B movies. Apparently nobody knows who made this — there’s no entry on imdb and the movie itself doesn’t say who the director is.

But I’m guessing this had to be from the early 30s? But not too early — the audio is scratchy, but actually sounds pretty nice.

Hm… or perhaps it’s way later? The songs could be 40s songs… It’s just weird they’d use the name “soundies” if it’s not early 30s.

It’s a kind of vaudeville thing, but in this movie it’s being presented as happening at a party in a house.

There’s comedy bits, and there’s musical bits.

Wow, this routine is so boring I literally died.

Oh!! This isn’t actually a movie, but just a compilation of shorts!

The first one was kinda bad, but let’s hope this one is better.

This one has more pizzazz.

And is from 1934.

This tune is very good.

That’s an unusual pan.

Man, Ethel Water’s got a beautiful voice. And another pretty good tune.

But so short! That song should have been three times as long.

The jokes are pretty weak.


“Soundies” were American films based around a song, dance, or orchestral number. They were at their peak between 1941 and 1947 and presented as 16mm “jukebox” films in nightclubs, taverns and amusement centres.

So the Ethel Waters thing is from 34, but the other two are from 49 and 47.

Very confusing.

I should buy more chicken.

Man, this routine is … well, actually, I’m not sure what it is. The sound is kinda bad on this so I’m only picking out one word in three. It might be hilarious for all I know, but I don’t think so.

The Ethel Waters thing was pretty good, but the other two bits weren’t.

Soundies Festival. Leigh Jason. 1934.

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