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I’ve never seen this movie with the Odorama cards… But I wonder whether this 2K Criterion release has the cards?


Yes! It smells like rose! I’m guessing all the other smells are going to be just as pleasant!

(No spoilers, please.)

Hey! We went to 1.85:1 all of a sudden!

All the stars.

My god, this movie is brilliant.

I guess it’s Waters’ last “classic” movie? With all his crew?

After doing movies in a pretty steady clip, there’s a seven year pause before his next movie — Hairspray, which was a major studio film, I think.

That is the only way I’m moving around from now on! Disco dancing all the time!


I’m shocked, but the Odorama cards really add a certain jennesequa to this movie. I’ve seen it several times before, but without the cards.

So the “3” is flashing, and I grab the card and sniff and I’m not quite sure what I’m sniffing…

Yes! It’s glue! I’m sniffing glue!


But whatever you do, don’t use your nails for scratching! You’ll never get the odours off your fingers.

Hey! I love India Song… I’ve watched it a bunch of times. And now I’ve got a new 2K restoration, so I’m gonna watch it again one of these days.

Hopefully somebody’ll do a Duras box set one of these days.


Heh heh.

Well, OK, now the movie is over, and I’ve washed my hands nine times, and I’m airing out the apartment, because the smells were all kinda vile. Even the good smells! They all had a kinda solventey unpleasant smell going on, probably composed of chemicals illegal in the EU. And several of the smells were just impossible to tell what they were supposed to smell… but they had to source a new supplier for this edition, since the old supplier had gone out of business.

But still! Awesome movie. It’s a classic.

Polyester. John Waters. 1981.

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