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Oh right.

This is a very traditional documentary — talking heads that deliver one line and then there’s a cut to a different person, then a cut to an old still photo with a zoom-in, and then three seconds of old footage, and then back to another line from a different talking head.

I hate this genre so much.

But it’s something I’m kinda interested in — it’s about Max’s Kansas City, and it’s kinda interesting even if the form is really, really, really trite.

At least they’re showing the old footage without cropping to 16:9.

One weird thing about this docu is how little actual music they’re playing. I think the above is the first actual live performance (with sound) we’ve seen? That may be due to little being filmed, but when there’s talking heads, we’re getting a bed of tracks from Now That’s Vaguely Like A Rock Song… so perhaps they just couldn’t cough up money to license actual music?

CBGB’s looks a lot cooler than Max’s, but I guess there’s been a hundred docus about CBGB’s already.

Jayne County has the best anecdotes! The one about Dee Dee Ramone turning tricks and getting his dick stabbed…

That’s the cleanest cat ever. It’s been washing itself this entire movie.

Makes sense!

I was wondering whether they had a composer for the music-like stuff they used as a bed, but nope. So that stuff was from one or more of these bands?

Well, this isn’t a very good movie, but I hate all these documentaries. But there’s some really interesting stuff here… So… I’m going with:

Nightclubbing. Danny Garcia. 2022.

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