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The Virgin Suicides

Geez. There’s a lot of big names here (and names that are gonna be big later)…

I saw this movie back in the 90s, but I remember absolutely nothing about it.

This is a really callous movie. If it had a few more jokes, it’d almost be a John Waters movie. (Or perhaps that’s just the Kathleen Turner presence speaking.) It’s very stylish, and very cynical.

Aaah! Kirsten Dunst isn’t Kristen Bell! This explains so much!

There’s something really odd going on with the white balance in some of the shots. I guess these days it would all be colour graded into something less odd-looking.

Like what I said about the white balance…

Anyway, I didn’t dislike the start of this movie — it was kinda mysterious, even if a bit icky. But now it’s just “oh, abusive parents gonna abuse”, which isn’t that interesting.

This is the kind of movie I want to love? But I don’t? It’s probably just me, and the movie is a masterpiece. But I’m going with:

The Virgin Suicides. Sofia Coppola. 1999.

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