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She Done Him Wrong

Ah, right — I’ve seen this movie before a few years back. But that was a lousy DVD copy, and this is from that new Mae West blu ray box set from Indicator.

Mmm… beer…

Oooh, I love this movie. It’s all repartee.

Mae West is so much fun to watch. She absolutely hams every line up to the max; very knowingly makes everything into a triple entendre. It’s just delightful.

West controlled casting (and pretty much everything; she wrote the movie, too), so she cast Cary Grant in his (I guess?) first major part. She allegedly didn’t want anybody to outshine her on the screen, so she didn’t want a well-known actor… and boy is Grant awkward in some of these scenes. But he’s still the same charming Cary Grant everybody came to love…

Eek! That’s a really unfortunate anti-Semitic caricature…

That hair must have taken hours to get just right… it’s like a helmet of blondeness.

I guess this is, really, more of a movie — it’s got some pacing problems, and it doesn’t make a whole lot of sense, but… I just find it delightful. It’s so cute! So I’m going with:

She Done Him Wrong. Lowell Sherman. 1933.

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