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Poltergeist III

Lara Flynn Boyle?

It looks like only Carol Anne is returning from the previous movies?

It had half the budget of the previous movie, and it looks like it didn’t make the budget back (which explains why this is the last Poltergeist movie).

II was more wide-screen — this is in 1.85:1. And I appreciate that the people who made the blu-ray didn’t chop it down to 16:9 — so many films that are close to that aspect ratio are mutilated these days.

In some ways, this is a bit more scary than Poltergeist II — it’s got a kinda creepy atmosphere that works, while II pretty much failed at that. This is obviously a final desperate cash grab at a disintegrating franchise, retaining very little of the “mythology” of the first two movies, which in some ways is liberating?

Huh… Carol Anne has changed a lot in the two years since the previous movie… Oh!

She was prescribed cortisone injections to treat the disease during the time she was filming Poltergeist III. The steroidal injections resulted in facial swelling of the cheeks, which O’Rourke’s mother said she was very self-conscious about.

And then she died just after finishing this movie, so it was released after her death.


Well, that’s another reason to end a movie franchise… when two of the original starring actors are dead over a short period of time, perhaps it’s time to give up.

Looks like a reliable group of people.

Oh, Tangina’s back, too, so it’s not just Carol Anne.

The cinematography in this movie is kinda interesting. It’s… kinda cold and distant? Lots of far-away shots through windows and mirrors.

So many mirrors — walls and walls of mirrors.

I like this one! It’s kinda scary without having a lot of jump scares. The horrors are kinda original without being gross. OK, it’s a dopey 80s horror sequel, but it’s way better than it has any reason to be.

Poltergeist III. Gary Sherman. 1988.

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