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Oh my god. That was the funnest start to an action movie evar.

Noooe! Now there’s a sensitive flash-back! Whyyy

It’s Marky Mark!

How come they never get him a better hair stylist? Or is it a wig? No, a wig would look better.

I’m not bored, but I think a lot of that has to do with Holland’s charm — he’s just fun to watch on the screen.


Hey, it’s that guy from all the Almodóvar movies!

I think the Barcelona tourist dept. got their money’s worth.

I’m guessing the logic of this is really eh uhm simplistic (I’m trying to avoid saying “bleedin’ stupid”) because it’s based on a video game?

But I appreciate stupid in action movies.

The action stuff here is a lot of fun — the extreme silliness of some of the bits is hard to not be charmed by — and there’s a whole bunch of likeable actors here. So it’s really watchable… but then there’s these bits where they try to cram “character development” in, and the movie sags.

(The “mystery” itself is almost unbelievably stupid, but that’s fine.)

This more of a movie, but the final action sequence had me laughing out loud several times, so:

Uncharted. Ruben Fleischer. 2022.

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