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The Outfit

After watching a bunch of older movies, it’s always an adjustment going back to modern ones — everything seems unreal. That looks extremely like a CGI exterior, right? But is it? Is it just filmed in a way that’ll make it blend into the CGI-ness that’s going to happen later?

It looks like shit anyway.

And this is a 4K disc with the highest bitrate I’ve seen — it’s going past 100Mbps here and there.

Even just simple scenes like this — this totally looks like greenscreen, and somebody has rendered that wall instead of spending a few bucks on bringing a carpenter in.

It might just be the colour grading that makes everything look shitty, though.

Such real.

Did they CGI the rolls of cloth!? I think they did.

But it’s not just that it’s ugly — this is tedious as hell.


The aesthetics of the film are also bland: the visuals are shockingly unappealing: brown, spare, with a digital sheen that makes the well-appointed period costuming and production look modern and artificial.

OK, this is beyond tedious, so I ditched it after 33 minutes.

The Outfit. Graham Moore. 2022.

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