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Somebody I Used To Know

Could this be the best movie ever!?!

Oh, this is a romcom! I wondered why I had this, but I read an article or something about romcoms and why the genre had gone out of fashion, but that this was supposed to be a good new one. I mean, they still make them, but they used to be some of the biggest box office draws since basically the beginning of movies, but that’s not really the case now.

Unfortunately, while this movie is cute and stuff, and has some good running gags, it could have been funnier, and the rom bit of the romcom could have been rommier.

It’s fine! There’s a lot here to like! It’s very likeable. And I can’t really claim that it should have been cut down significantly — all the scenes were fine. But…

Somebody I Used To Know. Dave Franco. 2023.

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