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White Material

I’ve seen this before, but it’s been like a decade. And this time it’s on 2K! More pixels!

I remember it being awesome.

So where’s Isaach De Bankolé, then? … Oh! I was thinking of Chocolat, the 1988 Denis movie. Which I saw around the same time as I watched this one.

But this is like the opposite of that one…

Oh, yeah — this is a reference to the genocide in Uganda? Where radio shows would stir the pot…

Man, Isabelle Huppert is tiny…

Oh durr! Herp derp I eat paste. That’s Isaach De Bankolé…

This movie is a lot more frustrating than I remembered. It’s like a slow-moving horror movie where the protagonists refuse to realise that they’re in a horror movie. You feel like sitting there then entire time shouting GET OUT at the screen for like an hour.

It’s so tense I had to take a couple of breaks to just cool down a bit.

So I guess that’s brilliant film-making? To make the viewer care that much?

White Material. Claire Denis. 2009.

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