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Where Does A Body End?

Is there a law against doing deinterlacing on old VHS stuff when doing bluray releases? Or is the point here to use the wrong interlacing as a video effect?

Oh my god. Not only is this almost three hours long, but it’s apparently the sort of documentary I hate the most: One person pops up saying one sentence, then there’s another person that pops up saying another sentence, and I HATE IT SO MUCH.

And they’re just playing tiny bits of songs, and then using them for backgrounds for when people are sound-byting.

They’re really consistent about having wrong/missing deinterlace on all the old footage.

I guess that’s trey artistique.

Or just stupid.

OK, it’s better now… it’s more of a narrative…

I started listening to Swans a year or so before Children of God… and I quite liked that album (and the World of Skin thing).

Hah! OK, I didn’t get this album. The snippets they’re playing sound totally awful.

Heh heh.

I got that album, though. It’s good.

Oh my god. We’re only 70 minutes in. Not even halfway through.

I think I may be ditching this soon…

OK, I think I’m gonna ditch this here.

It’s not a horrible documentary. They front-loaded it with a bunch of really boring talking heads stuff which made me almost ditch it within the first five minutes. But then it became pretty interesting after a while.

It’s not awful now either, but I’m just not that interested…

I’m subtracting at least one for the interlacing.

Where Does A Body End?. Marco Porsia. 2019.

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