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New editions of old movies is a good excuse to rewatch movies, right? So this isn’t something I’ve thought about watching, but it popped up on one of those “new in 4K” lists, and my brain went “I wanna watch that!”

I remember being scared shitless by this back in the day (but I remember the Mad parody version of this better than the actual movie).

Oh yeah! I remember that tree coming to life!

It’s been 40 years since I saw this, but some things are etched into memory.

Arrest Uri Geller!

This is so well made. I guess jump scares are frowned on these days, but this is still scary.

Well… OK… that special effect isn’t er very impressive now.

And once the Ghostbusters arrive, it’s just a whole lot less scary.

OK, I was wrong — it’s still scary! I need more pillows to hide behind!

Finally a professional!

This is a really swell horror movie. It’s an epic oddyssey — an entire journey. And while there are bits where the movie loses its tension, it’s mostly on purpose. Oh! And I appreciate how rational everybody is about the entire thing — most movies like this would spend half the running time with the woman screaming THIS CAN”T BE HAPPENING and the man having some kind of daddy issue (for Character Development purposes, of course).

It’s admirably un-annoying.

Poltergeist. Tobe Hooper. 1982.

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