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The Menu

I wasn’t going to watch this, because I assumed “oh, it’s gonna end with cannibalism”, because all films about haute cuisine end like that. But Mike at Redlettermedia said it doesn’t! And he said it’s hilarious, so I’m watching it anyway.

So far, it’s more amusing than actual “ha ha” funny…

Heh heh. “Not just a single vinyard, but a single row of vines.”

Heh heh heh.

I know it’s a joke and a “savage satire” and stuff, but I think that sounds great — I wanna eat at this restaurant.

And… I think they lulled me into a sense that I was watching a cookery show… and I was fine with that!

But this is an actual movie.

Well… It’s an original movie, fer sure. But there a number of cheesy bits (like with the burger) that were just *rolls eyes*.

And it’s not like it’s a low budget movie, which would excuse a lot of stuff. It’s a $35M movie, and it’s just very uneven. Parts are like “oooh” and then there’s a whole lot of “yawn” towards the end.

My impression is that people enjoy the political bits of this, which I can understand. But it’s just not all that.

The Menu. Mark Mylod. 2022.

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