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Ball of Fire

This is most amusing. It’s a screwball comedy about a bunch of perfessers writing an encyclopedia, and it’s really really screwy.

Gary Cooper is the perfessor in charge of grammer, so he’s out doing research for slang, see?

Hey, that’s Gene Krupa?

And Babs!

Stanwyck, that is.

This is amazing! It’s like Bringing Up Baby II or something! Have I been living under a rock or something? Because I can’t recall seeing this film mentioned like ever.


This is totally delightful. It’s not quite perfect the way Bringing Up Baby is (it’s a bit flabby in the last third), but it’s wonderful anyway.

It’s shocking that no Howard Hawks movies are in the S&S Top 100, but on the other hand, perhaps not? If you’re listing the ten “best movies”, you’re going to go for something that had an emotional impact, not a screwball comedy. But watching this movie, I want to watch everything Howard Hawks has done, because this is pure genius.

Looking at his imdb, I’ve watched more than half a dozen of his films, but there’s so much I haven’t seen. I should get shopping.

Ball of Fire. Howard Hawks. 1941.

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