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Multiple Maniacs

Hey! Futura!


Right on!

The reason I’m watching this (I mean right now) is because I just watched The Honeymoon Killers, and people talk about this movies as a sort of sibling movie — both released at the same time, and with Divine’s performance seemingly echoing Shirley Stoler’s performance. And I’ve seen this before (I think?), but it’s a long while ago, and I got this new 2K disc from Criterion…



Heh heh.

But but… then we get a really long sequence about Jesus? What?

Most excellent, Jesus.

Hey! That’s Mink Stole!

And Mink Stole is inserting her rosary into Divine’s butt while telling Divine about a Jesusey story? Is Waters just trying to go for BLASPHEMY… to the MAX! or is he working through some religious damage?

It’s also possible that Waters is just trying to pad the movie, of course. It has to be more than 90 minutes to get proper distribution.

Yeah, wipe down them there rosaries.

So many shots out of focus… even entire scenes. Is it on purpose or just because Waters is stoned? (He filmed this, and I’m guessing didn’t have a focus puller on staff.)

I’d like to consider myself a very tolerant, broad-minded and versatile film fanatic. I’ve seen and reviewed more than 3.000 titles in the horror, cult and exploitation genre and I’m constantly looking for obscure films that push my boundaries in terms of bad taste, gruesomeness and extremity. With my recent discovery of John Waters’ “Multiple Maniacs”, I think I found my personal limit.


The film holds a 100% rating on Rotten Tomatoes, Waters’ highest-rated film on the site.

This is a wonderful movie, but is it good? I hesitate to even doubt in His Watersness, but there were bits that I think didn’t quite work. (Like the Jesus stuff (which I guess was a parody/reference to Pasolini’s Matthew?).) So let’s go with a very controversial:

Multiple Maniacs. John Waters. 1970.

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