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Drive My Car

It’s a car!

Oops; this is three hours long. Movies sure are long these days…

So culture.

Gosh! I wonder what he’ll find when he returns home unexpectedly…

I like the pacing the movie has… but so far it’s been kinda… normal? But this is based on a Murakami short story, after all, so soon something semi-mystical should happen.

Could this be the semi-mystical event?

I like the interiors here. Well, throughout the film — they’re very thoughtful.

Whaaa… and now we get the opening titles? 40 minutes in? So I guess that was the prologue.

Well, that’s a really good explanation for him having a driver!

Nice jacket.

The multi-lingual theatre performance schtick is pretty weird. That is, all the actors are speaking different languages. But as we’re watching the film subtitled anyway, it makes absolutely no difference to us.

I think the most accurate genre designation for this movie is “Oscar bait”. It’s a serious, very serious, film about grief and stuff, but more importantly, it stars a (theatre) director and we witness a bunch of actors rehearsing (etc) for a play.

I think that the dictionary definition of “Oscar bait”.

It’s not that I dislike watching people rehearse for a play — I love Noli me tangere — but those scenes here doesn’t really feel real. They seem really contrived.

They’re sightseeing around Hiroshima, see.

The colour grading in this film is a bit much, isn’t it?

Oh, sorry, I kind of zoned out there for an hour. Did anything happen?

Man, this got so much worse than I thought it would. I now understand perfectly why it was nominated for All The Oscars.

What a let down.

But don’t mind me — everybody loves this.

Drive My Car. Ryûsuke Hamaguchi. 2021.

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