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Well, I like that things are easy on the brains.

So it’s about these people who have the super-power to do really, really cool stunts. That’s cool.

Marky Mark is a blacksmith!

I bet that guy’s nice…

This is big and stupid and prone to random bursts of violence. Excellent!

I wouldn’t have recognised Marky Mark here — he’s gotten smaller? Except for his forehead?

Unfortunately, this film seems to work only when there’s a big action scene. When they’re infodumping at each other randomly, it’s kinda boring.

But it’s well made. What was the budget on this? The greenscreening and compositing is really well done, and things look convincingly non-CGI-ey. I mean, a lot better than any random Marvel movie, for instance.

They really have a thing for drowning people in this film — this is the third time they’re kinda-sorta drowning somebody?

If only all scenes in all movies could be Marky Mark riding a bike, jumping onto airplanes! It’d be a better world.

So is this movie fun? Yes, but only intermittently. I don’t really mind the plot not making much sense (the Evil Ones want to kill off the entire population of Earth because they’re tired of being reincarnated. Sure! No notes. But! They also have a weapon they’re terrorising the Good Guys with — which is putting their souls onto computer chips so that they’re not reincarnated. So… wouldn’t it be easier just to chip themselves instead of all this malarkey?), but two thirds of the film is basically just boring scenes of exposition. I guess that makes sense from a budgeting point-of-view, but it’s a drag to watch.

Infinite. Antoine Fuqua. 2021.

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