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This is very Sex and the City.

Oh, yeah, this movie flopped big time, didn’t it? And I think I can see why already — I’ve read some of the press on this, and Eichner was going “finally, a gay rom com”. But it’s way zanier than that. It’s got a total screwball comedy vibe. The jokes come so fast and are so tight it makes your head swim.

This has so many good gags. But there’s something odd about the pacing or the edit or something. This goes gag, gag, gag, gag, emotional plot scene, gag, gag, gag, and it just doesn’t quite connect up.

I don’t mean to make totally unreasonable comparisons, but I rewatched Bringing Up Baby a few weeks back, and it’s also a gag-heavy film that’s also a romance, but they were able to mix the elements flawlessly. Here they sort of stop and signal “ok, this is the serious bit” and it’s a bit weird.


I really like Eichner, but it’s a lot to ask him to carry a film like this. Because the other lead is … really leaden.



Oh, yeah… we’re in the third act? This is kinda tedious now.

This is more of a movie — it just doesn’t quite work. But there’s a bunch of funny scenes, so:

Bros. Nicholas Stoller. 2022.

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