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To Rome With Love

It’s been a while since I’ve seen a Woody Allen movie… he’s probably made some since this one…

That’s a cute meet-cute, but kinda totally phoned in? Kinda like a parody of one, without being funny?

I’ve been there!

*gasp* The the actor playing Woody’s wife is only 20 years younger than he is! Is that a record!?

This movie is slightly on the orange/yellow side?

But looks good with the green.

Heh. This guy is totally trying to do Woody 1976-ish.

Baldwin is great as imaginary friend. Or are the rest of them imaginary, and he’s the real one? Hm… I guess that sounds more likely.

Harsh. But accurate. I think he may be referring to the Italian-famous-schmuck-fantasy storyline? Probably.

Because this is the most boring of the storylines — it’s just a single joke that lasts half an hour. Perhaps if they’d cut each storyline down by a third?

Hasn’t somebody done this gag before? It seems really familiar.

It just gets more and more tedious. It’s like they forgot to actually write the movie.

It’s got a couple of funny bits, but it mostly feels interminable.

To Rome With Love. Woody Allen. 2012.

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