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Strange Days

Heh heh, beating up Santa is so apocalyptic.

Anyway, I saw this in an actual cinema in the 90s. You know, one of those places where lots of people sit in the same room and watch the same film? I know! It sounds like science fiction, but it was actually a thing.

I remember liking this movie quite a lot?

The shakycam is kinda overwhelming, though.

Uhm… this isn’t as good as I remembered. It looks good, but slightly cheap?

Oh, wow — I was wrong there. It’s a big budget… and it totally bombed! Totally.

Well, they didn’t get their money’s worth on the sets — everything looks slightly back-lot-y, and I’m not even sure they’re actually back lots.


It just seems kinda fake? It’s like they had to put in a scene here like this for character development, and it’s just kinda dull.

Is that Nine Inch Nails? Doesn’t really sound like them, but perhaps it’s from after I stopped listening to them…

Looks like a fun club.

*gasp* The perversions!

This guy is a really bad actor.

It’s pretty accurate.

Man, the plot here is so… I don’t want to say convoluted. It’s just kinda silly. And the movie whiplashes between being kinda expressive and then dropping down into TV series cop show dialogue. It’s jarring.


And the basic mystery — “who’s the deranged killer” — there’s basically just a single person it can be, which is so sloppy. (I mean, I guess they want us to think that the killer is that other guy, so it’s not him, and there is only a single person remaining.)

I was really disappointed — I remembered this being a lot better. And it’s got some really memorable scenes, but then there’s all the rest which is totally forgettable. It’s not that it’s overly long, either — I mean, it’s two and a half hours, but it doesn’t feel padded, and you couldn’t really cut anything without losing some plot. It’s just that so much of it’s kinda boring.

Strange Days. Kathryn Bigelow. 1995.

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