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Oh, right, this is the infamous super-hero bomb? I’m already impressed with how nonsensical it is, and we’re only a couple minutes in.

I’m fascinating by how abrupt this movie is. It’s not using the normal super-hero storytelling devices and aesthetics at all. Perhaps some of that’s due to budget constraints — using cheap subway tile in this laboratory, and then having the rest of the set be in pitch darkness — but it’s refreshing to see something actually filmed on a set instead of just being greenscreen and CGI, which is the standard now for even the simplest of scenes.

(Although parts of the office is CGI and that is probably a CGI mouse.)

Hey! That shows Jared Leto’s dedication to the role — at the start of the movie, he was a forty pound weakling, but during the filming, he bulked up to Charles Atlas size!

Hm… the film’s kinda lost something now… it was weird and abrupt at the start, but in a good way. Now it’s more… abrupt but somewhat boring.

It’s still odd! I’m wondering what happened to this movie, so excuse me while I pause to google.

So this was filmed in 2019 in London. But later that year, Marvel/Disney reached an agreement with Sony to tie things more deeply into the Marvel movie timeline, allowing the Spider-Man-verse (which this is part of, sort of) to be part of all that. This led to reshoots. The movie was meant to be shown in 2020, but then Corona happened, so it was postponed to 2021, and further reshoots happened to keep up with the Spider-Man films. Then premiere was postponed to 2022, and more reshoots happened, and then we got what we got.

And it bombed:

The negative reception toward the film generated an ironic meme culture surrounding it with “praise”, which led Sony to re-release it into 1,000 theaters on June 3, 2022. This re-release also performed poorly, making just $280,000 over the weekend.

It bombed twice.

The film does feel really, really tightly edited. Perhaps over-edited? Like someone has tinkered with the film for more than two additional years, getting everything super tight? And I like that! It’s not like any other super-hero movie… I could imagine they just keep moving the date back year after year, never ending, doing reshoot after reshoot: The Movie On The Edge Of Forever.

Like what this guy says:

Seems more like an episode of something rather than a film

I understand what he means, because it’s way off model for one of these movies… and I’m starting to like it more.

*rolls movie again*

OK, that’s a cheap joke, but heh.

*gasp* Kitty!

I’ve seen super-hero movies that are a lot worse than this. Like — most of them? The start of this is pretty intriguing, and then it gets iffy, and then at the end it’s more traditional. It’s a mess, kinda. I think would be a more reasonable rating, but I’m never reasonable, so:

Morbius. Daniel Espinosa. 2022.

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