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So Norway’s colour graded kinda grey/bluish?

Such grey/blue.

Wow, this is like an old-fashioned, no-nonsense, non-referential disaster movie. It’s got the science nerds, the military, the president I mean prime minister, the monster… it’s like all those movies you’ve seen… but it works! It’s like, say, Godzilla, but without the pompous boring bits (i.e., “character development”). I’m totally into this.

I hope they don’t screw it up but just keep going like this.


Well… OK… I thought they were gonna skip some parts of the formula, like the protagonist visiting their father and having an argument (since this film is less than two hours long), but they squeezed that in, too. It was a moderately amusing Daddy Issue set of scenes, but it was still kinda dull (as always).

I guess you gotta have character development if it’s gonna be on Netflix.

Well, OK. It did hit all the right notes, and landed a pretty satisfying (and was faithful to the genre), but it got a bit boring here and there. Not a lot — there was, like, 15 minutes of flab?

It’s a fun little movie. Very Godzilla.

Troll. Roar Uthaug. 2022.

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