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Thor: Love and Thunder

I’m really enjoying this. Waititi has turned the silly up to 11, and I think it works.

The only annoying this so far is, as usual, the cheap-looking CGI and especially the compositing. Marvel! It’s always this way!

Heh heh heh. Love the helmet.

So the previous movie was a somewhat traditional super-hero movie, but funny. This is a comedy that features super-heroes, which is something altogether different, and I’m totally on board for that.

But… it’s flip-flopping between really really stupid gags (which I like) and then out heroes are killing a bunch of people, and that’s just hard to enjoy fully.

And sometimes the jokes are even stupider (like Thor pouring beer over that axe), and then they’re talking about cancer, and…

Somehow the mixture suddenly got boring.

I changed my mind about the CGI, though. Well, OK, they’re making it easy for themselves by having most of the CGI stuff happen when it’s very dark, which is an old trick. And by not compositing CGI over real stuff, because that’s harder to make look real. But within those constraints, it frequently looks really nice.

This kinda isn’t a very good movie, but there were some scenes I really enjoyed, and some bits here and there I loved, so:

Thor: Love and Thunder. Taika Waititi. 2022.

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