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Horse Girl

I watched Baena’s Spin Me Round yesterday, at it was awesome, so I ordered all his films on bluray — except this one, which is Netflix only. So I’m watching that now.

So this has basically all the same actors as Spin Me Round? I like that.

But what is this? Spin Me Etc was a sarcastic look at Olive Garden and rom coms… is this a sarcastic take on horror movies?

That’s the guy from Search Party?

Molly Shandon is awesome.

I’m still not sure what this movie is — the protagonist is working at er like Yarn Barn, but a parody one, and everything is like wha and amusing — but is this going to be like a serious thriller / sci fi thing? I was expecting more funny and less strange.

But with shots like this…

I still don’t know what to make of this! Just when I think it’s a parody of a horror movie (see above), the next scene is apparently played straight. But perhaps I’m missing what Baena’s being sarcastic about.

I’m really enjoying this superpositioned feeling of is it/isn’t it?

OK, this is just so sarcastic.

But then it turns out that he thought they were kidding around and then he’s shocked to find out that she’s serious!


Even just the wig…

Well, this was a lot of fun. If I’m to make a guess, I think the director saw Serial Mom obsessively as a teenager and then decided to model his film career on distilling the snark from that movie into everything he does… So it’s beyond meta and back into sincere and then past that again.

So what did the critics make of this?

Rawly convincing…

I guess…

A thoughtful approach to mental illness.

Unsettling look…

The metaphor and pathos…

Conspiracy theory movie with sci fi gimmicks…

So basically nobody is interpreting this as a sarcastic look at a movie of this genre — the wig wasn’t clue enough?

On the other hand, perhaps my viewing of this was clouded by their next film, Spin Me Round — and perhaps this was meant sincerely?


I think it’s a future cult classic. But it’s a bit flabby. It should be funnier.

Horse Girl. Jeff Baena. 2020.

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