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Hey, this is really well made.

Hello! I’m continuing my series of Movies That Mike recommended. I watch all sci-fi movies anyway, but I may have missed this one since it’s a Made For TV Predator Movie, which er doesn’t sound that awesome?

But this looks really good.


Hm… are all the animals in this movie CGI? There’s been a bird, an insect, a rat and now a snake, and they all looked fake as hell.

OK, the dog is real.

Oops spoilers.


But that was a good quicksand scene.

I mean bog hole or something.

Man, that’s a bad CGI bear.

But using CGI is kind to animals so whatevs.

Well… it’s OK as Predator movies go. It’s very similar to the first Predator movie, I guess? So if you like that one, you should like this one.

Prey. Dan Trachtenberg. 2022.

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