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Everything Everywhere All At Once

Wow this is something. It reminds me of a Robert Altman movie, but on speed.

Is that… Yes it is.

She’s amazing.

Heh heh.

Yes OK.

OK, spoiler time, and I had to pause the movie here. (And this is really good! It’s great!) But I wondered whether anybody had made the connection.

And the answer is no. But the basic gimmick of this movie — being able to exchange yourself with selves from an infinite number of alternate universes — is exactly the same as Matt Howarth had in Those Annoying Post Bros back in the 80s. Did the writers here read that and think that that was a fun concept? Because it is.

They even have her go to a universe where she has hot dogs for fingers, which is such a Post Bros thing to do.

OK, unpausing…

OK, that’s a lot of raccoon screenshots, but I forgot to screenshoot (that’s word) anything else, because I was kinda caught up with watching the movie.

It’s really good. It’s not perfect — I felt that there were bits in the last third of this movie that kinda sagged. But it’s unique and really fun to watch.

And good performances. Of course Michelle Yeoh who is great in everything, but overall really good performances, and it looks great, and you know — it fun and it’s moving.

Everything Everywhere All At Once. Dan Kwan & Daniel Scheinert. 2022.

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