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The Matrix Ressurrections

I’ve heard so many bad things about this movie that I assumed that it had to be awesome, but… that opening sequence? It was kinda boring? None of the action scenes quite … fit, and the talky-talky parts were zzz.


Nice office!

So meta!

Are those blue glasses a subtle hint?!!?


This is getting funnier by the scene.

Wachowski really likes this framing — blurry at one end of the frame and then a person talking almost at the camera at the other end of the frame.

Anyway, I’m really enjoying this. It’s a fun movie. Then again, I can see how people that had a religious relationship with the first Matrix movie would dislike this. And… there’s so many meta bits, and people hate meta.

But… the action scenes are as striking as in the Wachowski’s earlier movies? Did Lana’s sister do the action scenes before?

Heh heh

OK, the movie’s kinda slow now… I’m not sure all the soul searching here is really necessary.

In some ways, it feels like I’m still waiting for the movie to begin, two hours in.

This bit… where the movie turns into a fast zombie movie? Not that entertaining.


Anyway, I really liked… bits of this movie? But there were bits that kinda dragged. And it’s disappointing that the action scenes were more like “whoo?” than “whoa!”

The Matrix Ressurrections. Lana Wachowski. 2021.

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