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Ghostbusters: Afterlife

That’s a lot of CGI. The first five minutes were, like, a CGI car running through a CGI fence and then into a CGI corn field… it’s a bit like watching a youtube of somebody playing a dull video game?

Now there’s humans, at least, but all playing against greenscreen.

Such real.

Such actual.

Is this Sanctuary? Didn’t CGI get any better in the decade(s) since Sanctuary? Did this thing have a budget?

OK, so this wasn’t a no budget movie…

Man, the corny lines…

This is brutal.

Ah! Paul Rudd! That’s where the budget went!

OK, I laughed out loud at that obtuse joke. And now I’m kinda enjoying myself.

This is really… amiable now. They’ve got some good actors here — they’re pulling this off?

I love how they finally tied this into the original Ghostbusters movie(s).

I thought I was getting used to the Sanctuary aesthetics (i.e., all people filmed on greenscreen and then backgrounds composited into the shots), because basically all the shots are that way. But then it gets too crude (like here) and I’m back to eeek

This movie feels like it’s a condensed TV series season? It’s got TV aesthetic and pacing, but instead of having to watch six hours of stuff, we’re just getting two hours. So it’s great that way.

But as a movie? Hm…

They couldn’t even film in a real store? Man, that’s lazy CGI.

That’s a good 80s movie ending. I really enjoyed that. So — it’s like… that’s a good way to make a sequel/homage? And the kids were really great. But this movie is really at least half an hour too long — just scenes and scenes of things that are without interest.

I mean, it’s really a movie, but let’s go with:

Ghostbusters: Afterlife. Jason Reitman. 2021.

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