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Don’t Look Up

I wouldn’t normally watch a movie like this — it sounds super dreary. I’m guessing this is going to be all “people are so stupid!” with TV aesthetics, and…

My god, this is tedious. It’s like watching an ever-so-slightly stupider version of real life in 2020. And things don’t get stupider than real life in 2020.

Oh, Meryl Streep is playing Trump? Well, OK, but it’s still not actually funny — it’s just annoying.

Oh, fuck! This goes on for two and a half hours!?

Fuck this. It’s too boring.

Don’t Look Up. Adam McKay. 2021.


The only reason I tried watching this is because it’s a movie people write a lot about, and:

You know: it’s a Netflix programmer– those are always like 20-30% “Here’s the stuff” and 70% badly-edited scenes shot in a non-descript Holiday Inn(?).

I agree with everything he’s writing there, but the first 30 minutes were brutally boring. As with (almost) any Netflix movie. I shouldn’t have let myself get sucked into watching an awful Netflix movie, just because a bunch of assholes are upset about it existing. I love that those assholes are upset. But I’m watching Lubitsch now instead.]

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