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I love these titles.

This is brilliant!

It’s just how I’d imagine a movie by Richard Ayoade, if I had imagined it, which I hadn’t. But I read a couple of books of his, and I got his movie, because he seemed like a right smart un.

Darren Evans (the guy playing Chips) is absolutely amazing.

I wonder whether this is autobiographical. I can hear Ayoade’s voice in all the lines.

I’m loving the cinematography and the scenes and the actors… but I’m not loving the movie? It seems kinda choppy? And it can’t make up its mind whether it’s going for cringe or honesty?

I mean… Everything seems obviously autobiographical (I mean, bits of it), but with all the specifics filed off. So we’re left with a generic movie about a nerdy British teenager with a generic relationship with a Magic Pixie Dream Girl (with a Louise Brooks wig), and it’s all rather odd.

I really like Ayoade’s books, but he really lost the plot here. It’s so generic. It could have been made by any nerdy British director.

Submarine. Richard Ayoade. 2010.

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